Taal Delicacy

A delicacy in the town of Taal, one would surely love and yearn for is Tapang Taal. One cannot say that he/she has been in Taal, Batangas if you haven’t tried the most sought-after food in a town popular for its heritage.

Richard a friend and a person who appreciates historic buildings and houses has asked me to accompany him together with her wife Liezel to the Heritage Town of Batangas.

We opted to depart Manila early and reached Taal town at little past 8 in the morning. And decided to have breakfast in a restaurant in the historic town of Batangas.

Being a guide of the couple, I personally lead them to a bistro and suggested that they try the delicacy the town of Taal is proud off, tapang taal. We ordered tapsilog, which is the slang for tapang taal, fried rice, sunny side up egg, and a cup of kapeng barako to lighten up our morning.

With the long drive, we are all craving for our orders to turn up. With-in less than 10 minutes, our orders were served. Richard being the hungriest anxiously started his breakfast. And on his first bite, he immediately commented on the dish.

Guess what the exact words that Richard uttered? “Okay ang tapa na ito, the best” (the jerk pork taste good, it’s the best).

Liezel, took no time in gobbling her breakfast, and also loved the delightful taste of tapang taal. What impresses Liezel with jerk pork is the flavorful taste of the meat. According to her, “it is the best tapa (jerk pork) she has tasted.

After a filling breakfast, we immediately toured the old houses and historical buildings of Taal. Furthermore the weather was fine with a shady sky; and opted to saunter in visiting each of the old structures.

During our stroll around the town, we passed by the public market of Taal, and Richard sited from afar the tapa stalls. He immediately went straight to one of the shop, and interviewed the lady vendor about the jerk pork.

Richard, having in mind that he could get the confidential recipe, was answered by the charming lady with a simple smile and gave him some of the basic ingredients. It consist a part of pork called pigue (pork leg), and the marinate sauce are composed of kalamansi (a small citrus fruit), soy sauce, garlic, black pepper and other mystery seasoning.

Taal Batangas delicacy called tapang taal at the towns public market.

Sorry Richard, of course that is all the information you can get.

Then after the tour at the heritage town, hungry and tired with the long amble. Time to have lunch. And believe it or not, the couple again ordered Tapang Taal, inihaw na baboy (grilled pork), fried tawilis and a vegetable dish chopsuey.

Further more, the couple did not leave without returning to the market to shop for their newfound delicacy, Tapang Taal. They also shopped for some suman and empanadas (deep-fried pies stuffed with ground pork, vegetables and noodles).

In addition, to have a variety in the way in eating tapang taal, I suggested to the couple to try the traditional way of pouring hot tablea tsokolate on hot rice, to go with the jerk pork. And the couple gladly shopped for a bag full of tablea tsokolate balls.

Visiting Taal town! It would be best to have a bite of the towns’ delicacy, tapang taal in your trip to the heritage town of Batangas.

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