Batangas Lakeshore Resort

Batangas Philippines has a great deal of lakeshore resort another reason why the province is a favorite weekend get away of foreign and local travelers.

Along the shores of Taal Lake are the towns of Talisay, Tanauan, Lipa, Balete, Mataas na Kahoy, Cuenca, Alitagtag, Sta. Teresita, San Nicolas, Agoncillo and Laurel.

Moreover the towns have resorts to accommodate wayfarers who would like to discover the natural beauty of Taal Lake and the world's smallest volcano Taal Volcano.

Taal Lake by the way has an area of 24,346 hectares and the Philippines third largest fresh water lake. The lake itself is said to be 26 kilometers long. And within the lake rises Taal Volcano.

Over and above the town of Talisay is the favorite and with the most number of resort. While there are number of rustic places where you can have a calm and relaxing break.

Discover resorts that are within reach at the lakeside of Taal Lake in Batangas.

Talisay Town Lakeside Resorts

Club Balai Isabel
Barrio Banga, Talisay

At Club Balai Isabel resort guests can relax, and be with nature. The resort offers an up-close and personal view of the smallest volcano and Taal Lake. It has amenities and facilities excellent for a countryside vacation.

Resort guests can enjoy the food served at Terraza CafĂ© and take a refreshing dip in the infinity pool while having your favorite drink in the cabana. 

Club Balai Isabel

Al Frontera de Taal

Barrio Banga, Talisay

Al Frontera de Taal has a stunning view of Taal Volcano. It has more than three hectares of lush greenery where visitors will enjoy the serene and rural environment.

The resort has thirty air-conditioned rooms with individual toilet and bath. Furthermore it has five air-conditioned cottages ideal for families and big groups.

Taalview Splash Resort
Barrio Leynes, Talisay

Taalview Splash Resort an ideal place for a family weekend getaway. The resort has two swimming pools, a kiddie and an adult pool. Additionally, you can try the traditional hilot massage and feel rejuvenated.

Talisay Green Lake Resort

Barrio Sta. Maria, Talisay

Talisay Green Lake Resort accommodation are suitable for small families who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take a moment to rediscover the beauty of nature. The resort has an open-air nipa hut, a restaurant and a swimming pool.

Tanauan Lakeside Resorts

Awilihan Paradise Resort
Barrio Ambulong, Tanauan

Awilihan, actually is a family vacation resort for relaxation, leisure and fun. But the owner decided to share the beauty of his property. Recommended for families and big groups. It has a pool facing Taal Lake, billiard table, basketball court and a big garden. 

Awilihan Paradise Resort

Bahay Kubo ni Kap Resort

Purok 5, Barrio Gonzales, Tanauan

Bahay Kubo ni Kap Resort has seven room accommodations and bahay kubo's (small house made of nipa) for big families and groups. It has a swimming pool, a veranda by the lake, a big garden and water sports amenities like Jet Ski, banana boat and speedboat.

Balete Lakeshore Resort

ESL Resort
Barrio Palsara, Balete

The resort has suites, cottages and townhouses for their guest individual accommodation needs. Facilities like restaurant, swimming pool, an open pavilion; launching pad and docking facilities for Jet Ski are at hand.

Mataas na Kahoy Lakeside Resorts

Shercon Resort
Barrio San Sebastian, Mataas na Kahoy

If you are a nature lover, then Shercon Resort is place you should not miss. The resort has a vista of Taal Lake and a forest park. Furthermore, all you hear are chirping birds' and leaves dancing with the fresh mountain wind.

Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

La Virginia Hotel & Resort

Barrio Manggahan, Mataas na Kahoy

La Virginia has different cottages accommodations for 2 persons to as big as 35 persons. Every cottage has its particular ambience and character that can fit the guest taste. One can enjoy the scenic backdrop view of Taal Lake and the colorful flora at the resort. 

La Virginia Hotel & Resort

Alitagtag Lakeshore Resort

La Playa Leticia

La Playa Letecia can be zeroed in at the base of a mountain in Alitagtag. One has to hike or take a boat ride to reach the resort. All rooms are air-conditioned with toilet and bath. The resort is filled with plants and trees, which makes you feel close to nature.

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