Travel Tips

In this travel tips page, I will give recommendation and some essential know how on what to bring and common details you should know, to make your stay in Batangas a trouble free holiday.


The Philippine standard time together with other provinces and islands is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Meantime.


Common language spoken by Batangueños is tagalog. But English are commonly understood and spoken.


All the towns of Batangas electrical current is 220 volts, 60Hz. Electrical outlet are the two flat parallel prongs is the norm. Although some hotels provide 110 volts outlet but generally, they are not available. If you are planning to bring electronic gadgets or electrical appliances like shaver or hair dryer, make sure to bring a converter and a universal adaptor with you.


The international area code of the Philippines is +63. And the area code of Batangas is 43. So all landline phones in Batangas do start with the +6343 numbers. Outgoing code or an international outgoing call starts with a 00 code.

Hotels and resorts around Batangas usually have internet or WiFi connections. Outside the hotels and resorts you can visit cyber cafes in the major towns of Batangas. So uploading and downloading an important file can be made, just in case you need it badly during your vacation.

And if you have a GSM mobile phone with you, you can buy a prepaid sim card of major telecommunications companies namely Globe, Smart and Sun. Prepaid sim cards are very affordable and retailed below sixty pesos. They can be loaded with different denominations as low as fifteen pesos. You can use it for local and international calls. Save, and avoid costly roaming charges. 3G services are also available but in selected areas only.

Cloths/What to Bring and Wear

As much as possible limit the things to carry when traveling. Bring light clothing especially if you are traveling during the summer months of March to June. But the Philippine weather is generally hot all year round. Cotton shirts, and walking shorts are the best wear. For the ladies, a hat with brim will definitely help against the heat of the sun.

It is best to wear a comfortable sneakers or sandals, because of the enormous foot travel you will be doing. Do not forget the following items with you, such as shorts, swimwear, sun block cream, hat, flashlight, and insect repellant. Another reminder, do not forget to bring a pair of sunglasses with ultraviolet protection and tissue paper just in case you need one. (Most of the public toilets don’t have one.)

Money and Valuables

The currency used is the peso. Make sure that you exchange your currency with the Philippine peso because most shops and establishments only accept the peso. There are few money exchange establishments in Batangas. So make sure to exchange it in Manila before traveling. Most foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks and authorized foreign exchange dealers.

Major credit cards such as Mastercard, American Express, Visa and Diners Club may be accepted only at major hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

As much as possible don’t bring travelers cheques, because most of the establishments, hotels and resorts don’t accept them. Incidentally, you are limited in converting it into cash on a certain amount per day.

Avoid bringing valuables. An ordinary working watch and accessories are all you need. But if you have valuables with you, put them in a safety deposit box, which most hotel rooms have.

Make photocopies of your important travel documents, such as passports and tickets. Separate them or put them in deep pockets of your luggage. Just in case you loose your important travel documents.

It is wise to use a belt bag to put your wallet, and other valuables when traveling around Batangas. This practice is much safer for travelers not to loose any valuables.

Never leave your valuables such as your wallet on the beach, or poolside unattended. It is better for you to leave them in your hotel or resort room. Do not leave your luggage unattended in public areas.

Tipping/Service Charges

It is normal to leave a tip when rendered assistance. Bellboys and chambermaids expect a tip, as do waiters, hairdresser and beauticians. All hotels and restaurants already have a policy of adding 10% service charge to your bills. Then it becomes optional for the customer to give a tip. Or you can modify your tip according to your length of stay and service provided.

Business Hours of Banks, Establishments, etc.

Most banks are open from 9 AM to 3 PM. However, some Banco de Oro branches are open on Sunday’s and holidays. Their banks are open as early as 8 AM and closes at 7 PM. Government Agency and private firms are open for business from 8 AM to 5 PM, from Monday to Friday.


It is a good practice to have a travel health insurance when traveling. A travel health insurance provides peace of mind for holidaymakers. It is also recommended to drink bottled water during your stay in Batangas. Refrain from drinking tap water.

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