Batangas Real Estate

Batangas real estate if I may say, and expect many will agree, is an investment that will give you a lot of returns in the future.

What makes me say that investing in Batangas property will surely give you a good return of investment?

First of all, the nearest town of Batangas is barely an hour drive from Manila or from the airport. And the farthest is 3 hours at the most. Now that the South Luzon Expressway and the STAR Highway are linked together, traveling time from Manila to Batangas is cut drastically.

Road projects that will definitely boost the real estate of Batangas are the Nasugbu-Ternate Road Project. A tourism and agricultural highway that would connect the coastal areas of Batangas and Cavite to Metro Manila. The Quezon-Batangas Coastal Road, which will inter-connect different towns of Batangas and Quezon and will end at Batangas Port. Both road projects are on going, and nearing completion.

Upon completion of the road projects and improvements of the South Luzon Expressway, I’m optimistic that the value of properties in Batangas will go on an upward trend.

And real estate properties in Batangas are of reasonable value, compared to other nearby provinces.

Batangas for me is a perfect place to build your vacation home or as a retirement abode. Whether you are a Filipino or a foreigner looking for a peaceful place to establish yourself.

Beside the proximity of the province to Manila, you have the option to choose which environs you prefer to stay on. If you want a cool breeze for your dwelling, Lipa City and Batulao in Nasugbu are ideal places to built your home. Both are located in highlands where the weather is cool and breezy almost all year round.

And if you love the beach, there are a lot of choices. It will all depend on you, on which town you find more convenient for you to settle in.

In the town of Nasugbu, development of vacation subdivisions and condominiums are visible especially near the highlands and beaches of Nasugbu. Same thing goes in the towns of Calatagan, Lian, San Juan and other booming towns of Batangas.

One good aspect in settling in Batangas is the peace and order situation of the province. It has the lowest crime rate and almost all Batangueños do speak the English language. Schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants and grocery stores are generally of world standards.

And if you are a foreigner, and would like to settle in the province, there are a lot of houses for you to lease/rent. It is the most trouble free option for an expat to get a place to stay. Not unless you would like to purchase a property. Please be reminded that non-Filipinos cannot acquire real estate properties anywhere in the Philippines.

However if you have a Filipino spouse, he/she can purchase a property and would hold title in the Filipino spouse name. Although foreigners can purchase a condominium as long as 60% of the units are owned by Filipinos.

My suggestion for foreigners, who would like to lease or buy a real estate for their intended stay, is to see a trusted lawyer. Lawyers can easily suggest ways and means to protect you from all the hassles you might encounter in the future.

On the other hand, if you have properties in Batangas, that you are selling or leasing out, you can contact us and have your property listed below. Just send as the details of your property with the proper contact information.

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