Getting Around Batangas

How do I get around Batangas?

There are many ways and means in getting around the province of Batangas. You can choose the form of transportation you prefer, depending on the destination, the distance and your budget.

You will be amazed with the different transport available. There are transportation here, even some never even heard of, like the tricycle and the jeepneys. Below are the modes of transportation you can use to move around Batangas.






Rent A Car

Here are the things one should consider in which manner of transportation to take. How far is it? A kilometer or two? How long to get to it? 30 minutes to an hour? You may ask around, a police, or a go to a barangay (village) post and ask the best directions and solutions. But don’t just ask anybody, or it would be better to check or confirm before deciding.

If it is 2 to 5 kilometers, you probably need a tricycle in getting to your destination. The tricycle is a transportation vehicle that rules the inner roads and alleys. In Batangas the tricycle is a major means of transport in getting around towns and barangays. The tricycle can be rented to reach a specific destination.

Traveling from a town to another town, or if it is more than 5 kilometers, a jeepney ride will be your most likely kind of transportation. Like the tricycle the jeepneys can be hired for a specific purpose. In Batangas it is usually hired with big groups of at least 15 persons for excursions.

Getting a bus ride would mean that you need to travel to another province or go for a longer distance. One usually takes a bus in getting in and out of Batangas. But, you could still take the bus from moving from town to town, but chances are you will lose time waiting. Buses usually don’t leave the terminal unless it is almost full. So if you are in hurry, you will loss more time if you take the bus.

Another means of transportation used in moving in and out of Batangas is the FX. A utility vehicle made by Toyota. It became popular because it is in between the jeepney and the bus. Total passenger is 10, which means that you don’t have to wait too long for it to leave. Plus these vehicles are air-conditioned which makes the jeepney a disadvantage choice.

All public transport like the jeepneys, FX, and buses doesn’t leave the terminals unless it is full or almost full. This is the reason why people would prefer to ride the jeepney and the FX, because it takes less time for them to leave the terminal. Second, the jeepneys and FX are more abundant on the road compared to the buses.

Since Batangas has diving spots and a number of islands to see, a banca is another way in getting around, especially for diving and island hoping. Most of the time motorized banca or pump boats are used for short trips. A word of warning that inter-island boat traveling is only appropriate for those who are willing to rough it out in the open sea.

For those who are not in a budget and confident in driving in the Philippines, one could rent a car. Getting around Batangas in hired car is a great way to travel. If you are a tourist, all you need is an international driver’s license and a map in your hand.

But driving in the Philippines is a real big challenge for most people from the United States, Europe and other developed counties. I would not recommend it unless you are really a great driver. Most drivers in the Philippines don’t follow world-driving standards. And if you really want to hire one, it is best to rent a late model Japanese car by the week; you will be given a bigger discount.

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