Know The Batangas Weather Condition

Generally Batangas weather is mild during the course of the year. The average Temperature is 30° C during the daytime. This could drop a bit during early hours.

The months of March to June are the hottest period. The temperature can get as high at 36° C. During this time is when Batangas has the most number of travelers (local and foreign). It's the peak season of most resorts in Batangas.

The rainy season starts by June, but is heaviest during the months of July, August and September. Usually monsoon rains and tropical storms are existent during this time. And could last until October. Typically these are off peak season for most of the resorts in Batangas. During this time rates are less in most of the resorts.

Planning a Batangas vacation? Check the weather condition in Batangas.

December to February is the coldest. Temperature range could be as low at 20° C. During this time of the year cold northeast breeze create a colder weather especially during nighttime. Batangas weather at this time is ideal for romance. Rates during this time are considered peak season due to the fact of December holidays. Resorts usually have a high occupancy rate during these periods.

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