Batangas Festivals, Feast & Traditions

The Philippines is generally a festive nation, and Batangas festival is one good example. Maybe because of the Spanish influence during the 16th – 18th century the Philippines was colonize by the Spaniards. According to the old Filipinos, the Spanish in the early days where the one’s who initiated the festive mood in the Philippines.

These festive celebrations do exist in the province of Batangas. In the month of May, most of the barrios do celebrate the barrio fiestas. I still remember when an employee of mine takes a vacation leave, because it was their barrio fiesta. This is a celebration that the batangueños can’t miss.

The fiesta should be celebrated rain or shine. And most of the people will make their own way to celebrate the event. If they don’t have the money, they are willing to take a loan, or sell their farm animals just to celebrate the one’s a year fiesta.

Most of the people, specially the old one’s believe that celebrating their patrons saint day, will give them luck. This is why they are willing to stake their last earned money for a one-day celebration.

If you have a chance to experience this fiesta, you will notice that everybody is invited. You don’t need to know your host to enter one’s house. They will accommodate you even this is the first time you have met. And treat you as a long time friend.

One Batangas festival I recommend you must experience is the Parada ng Lechon (roasted pig parade) in Balayan Batangas. This event is celebrated every June 24. This event coincides with the feast day of San Juan. 

Balayan, Batangas Parada ng Lechon 

Another religious festival batangueños are known for is the Tapusan Festival in Alitagtag. The Tapusan honors the holy cross, and is celebrated May 31 every year. The parade is one of a kind. Floats garlanded with flowers including the image of the Virgin Mary, parade the streets of the town.

Flores de Mayo and Tapusan Festival

The Tinapay Festival (Bread Festival) in Cuenca, considered the bakers of Batangas province. It is held annually from February 7 to 13. The patron saint of Cuenca, Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage is being honored for abundant living and thanksgiving.

Fluvial Procession at Taal

Sublian Festival

Additional Batangas Festival

Salubong Festival – April 16 in the towns of Alitagtag and Bauan.

Anihan Festival – September 24 to 29, in Lobo.

Coffee Festival – December 11 to 16, in Lipa City

Kinulob Festival - April 21 to 25, in Mabini

Paskuhan Sa Maraykit - December 2, in San Juan

Tinapahan Festival - April 29 to May 1, at Lemery

Christmas Celebration

The Philippines a country recognized that celebrates the longest Christmas season. Christmas carols are played as early as September and the bash last up until the Three Kings, which is the first Sunday of January.

Batangas Traditions

Batangas wedding tradition make a beautiful and exciting feast. Batangueños has high regard for the sanctity of marriage making the event a lengthy and grand occasion.

Holy Week is a solemn religious tradition celebrated annually in Batangas and most parts of the Philippines. A nation where majority of its people are Roman Catholics and taken possession by Spain for three centuries.

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Traditional games are usually played during fiestas and festivals and held in tuklong (chapel) or at the municipal ground. Furthermore these indigenous games usher the children back to field games and make them healthier.

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