Batangas Business Condition

The province of Batangas is a favorable place for any business with a very low crime rate and stable labor condition. The strategically located military detachments, police stations and outpost make the province as one of the most advantageous spot to do business in the Philippines.


Areas for development have been identified to create a model economic development entity, self-sufficient in terms of livelihood, education, health services, food production, and infrastructure development (roads, schools, power, water, communication).


The promotion of Batangas in terms of tourism is done through the development and implementation of tour packages, participation in international travel fairs, sales missions, and international expositions. New and additional resort estates and tourist complexes with the provision of infrastructure support are also underway.

The continuous marketing of existing world-class tourist destinations are sustained, especially the renowned beach resorts of Mabini, San Juan, Calatagan, Lian and Nasugbu.

Tourism Investment Opportunities in Batangas


The provincial government, as a matter of policy, adopts a balanced development approach with emphasis on sound environmental and ecological management.

An Agri-Industrial Center

The mainland provinces of the Region IV in the Philippine Island of Luzon have been identified as a premier growth area. The Cavite-Laguna-Batangas-Aurora-Rizal-Quezon subregion, otherwise known as CALABARZON, has progressively led the country in terms of investments and employment generation.

Under the CALABARZON Development Plan, the capital of the Province of Batangas-Batangas City - as the major regional urban center, will play the significant role as the main artery of investments. At present, the Batangas City International Port is undergoing a 4-phase development program. The 42-kilometer, 4-lane Southern Tagalog Access Road (also known as South Luzon Expressway Extension) will directly link the Batangas Port to Metro Manila.

Batangas City, with its deep coastline, has been identified as the site of the regional agri-industrial hub, the Batangas Regional Agri-Industrial Center (BRAIC). The area is suitable for basic industries requiring private port facilities.


With the expansion of the South Luzon Expressway, Batangas is better accessible by land from Metro Manila with less traveling time. Complementary to this, it has a province-wide road network. Due to the natural deep harbors of Batangas Bay, it has 14 private seaports and 3 government seaports. These are the Batangas International Ports in Batangas City, the Port of Bauan, and the Port of Mainaga in Mabini. An International Airport is also scheduled to be establish inside Fernando Air Base, soon-to-be home of the Philippine Air Force.

Batangas is also home to giant power plants, such as the two power plants of National Power Corporation in Calaca, and Batangas Power Corporation plant in Batangas City, both of which supply a greater portion of Luzon. Thus, power generation and supply are more than sufficient to meet commercial, industrial and residential demands. Other power consortiums are also in the process of putting up more.

Communication facilities such as telephone, fax, telegraph, electronic mail, Internet, cable and postage mails, mobile phones and signal radios, and broadcast facilities are also readily available. Cable television system has existed for quite a long time.

Advanced medical facilities can also be found in Batangas province. The first kidney transplants outside of Metro Manila and Metro Cebu has been successfully conducted in Lipa City. Lemery is home to one of the few decompression facilities for divers in the country.

With the establishment of the technologically advanced educational facilities and the Master in Management Technology program in De La Salle Lipa, Batangas has joined the ranks of localities with academic service providers with excellent, relevant and innovative professional development programs.

Transportation facilities are readily available on land and sea, while air transportation will soon become a reality. Already several private airstrips are located in the province. Several military camps are also located in the province including the Fernando Airbase in Lipa City. The opening of the South Luzon Expressway by 1998 will significantly reduce travel time to Metro Manila.

Industrial estates, hotels and quality housing projects are sprouting all over the province providing bases for business and homes for migrant workers and expatriates. Resort facilities and golf courses have been available for rest and recreation for some time now.

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