Tourism Investment Opportunities in Batangas

Batangas a rated first class province has a lot of investment opportunities in stored. The province strategic location makes it one of the most attractive destinations for foreign and local tourists.

And tourism related business has a great potential in the province of Batangas.

Beach resort development in Batangas has an extensive of tranquil seaside and freshwater areas where different thematic beach resort accommodation can be set up.

Ecotourism assures the sound investment opportunity in the ecological areas of Batangas. It ensures that the very resources used for leisure are well conserved, with a minimal impact on the environment.

The various resources likewise suggest diverse activities that can be proposed to different market sectors. Activities like snorkeling; bird watching, dolphin watching, island hopping, and scuba diving are activities with good opportunities in Batangas. Coupled with a relaxing accommodation with modern resort facilities.

The literacy rate in Batangas is high at 96%. And most Batangueños can converse in English. It produces over 3,000 college graduates and around 2,000 technical and vocational school graduates yearly. These make community members of the province ready to be tapped to meet the requirements of impending tourism establishments.

In Batangas City the capital of the province. Batangas Bay is an idyllic place for the development of first-class marina, projected to provide facilities and service to leisure boats.

Developing the existing Irene Port which service boats to Verde Island would surely attract more tourists. Developing it to a world-class port could trigger new business opportunities like restaurant or maybe a shopping center.

Verde Island and Tingloy has a large part perfect for resort development. An ideal location for scuba diving activities. Although scuba diving is quite establish in both island, much can be done to fully enhance its travel capability. This can be achieved with the creation of more resort in both islands.

The town of Mabini, which is known for scuba diving, has opportunities in trekking services, birdwatching services, restaurants and fast crafts for island hopping. An additional investment opportunity in Mabini, are resort facilities that can accommodate non-divers. Ideal places are the coastal barrios from Anilao to San Teodoro in the west, and Sto. Niño to Mainit in the east.

The town of San Juan in Barrio Laiya has big opportunities in setting up medium density resort facilities. But environmental concerns must be looked at before any creation is made. Another untapped potential in Laiya is dolphin watching, which has the presence of sufficient dolphins. Likewise, bird watching and trekking services have commercial potentials in the town of San Juan.

In the calm town of Calatagan, there are considerable areas perfect for resort development. Other potential investment opportunities are bird watching services, with abundant mangrove areas. Scuba Diving services are likewise a potential having a good number of dive sites and shipwreck.

The lakeshore towns along Taal Lake, Volcano Island and Pansipit River definitely have potential in tourism. Most of the towns along the shoreline have access to the freshwater lake. Opportunities available are resort development, trekking and boat services.

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