Trek Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is one of the most visited travel spots in the Philippines. The volcano is the world’s smallest active volcano, and a volcano within a lake within a volcano. This is one of the reasons why you should trek Taal Volcano and experience a different kind of adventure.

There are many ways to reach Volcano Island by taking a boat ride from any town on the shores of Taal Lake. The town of Talisay is one of the well-known places as a jump-off point to the volcano. Agoncillo and San Nicholas are alternatives to the Volcano Island and less people take this route, which means it is less crowded. Choose the route that is most comfortable for you and your planned itinerary.

The average boat ride is about 30 to 45 minutes to reach the Volcano Island. There are two options or destinations on the island. The first option is to hike to the Crater Lake, and the second one is a hike to the crater’s topmost point called the “ridge” where you can see a good view of the Crater Lake.

The distance from the boat landing point to the Crater Lake and back is about 6 kilometers. The hike takes about 4 hours or more with abrupt terrain. The trail is dusty with volcanic ash and rocks (actually solidified lava) can be found along the way. If you prefer to ride a horse you can do so by renting one, and could save you time hiking. (Most people who choose to walk, say they wish they had rented a horse.)

Swimming in the Crater Lake is possible, but you should not deep into the water too long. The water in the Crater Lake has high concentrations of aluminum, boron, magnesium, sodium and diluted form of sulfuric acid. So swimming inside the Crater Lake for a long period of time is not advisable.

Here are some travel tips in trekking Taal Volcano.

If you are planning to trek Taal Volcano make sure to bring your video cams or cameras with you. The view from the Crater Lake is spectacular. You can see the lake within the volcano, which I think is one of a kind.

It is wise thing to have an experienced guide to show you around the Volcano Island in order that you see the most interesting parts of the island. (Most of the guides speak English fluently.)

The best time to trek/hike to Volcano Island is at early mornings, preferably as early as 7 AM or even earlier. This will enable you to have a colder hike and will give you enough time to be back before lunchtime.

Bring enough drinking water. The hike is hot; specially the ground and offers little shade and very steep climbs.

Bring extra cloths and towel with you in case the rain catches you during your adventure.

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