Snacks you should taste on your visit to Batangas

Snacks in Batangas, is also known as merienda or kakanin. And there are lots of these all over the province. Since Batangueños love to eat, there are numerous goodies our foreign guests ought to try.

Aside from the nilupak (snack made from cassava) and suman (rice cake), our tourist friends should try the puto bumbong. The eats made from glutinous rice and steamed cooked in bamboo tubes. The purple colored food is served with butter or margarine, grated coconut and sugar. Wrapped in wilted banana leaves to keep them warm and yummy.

Puto Bumbong Steam Cooker - Batangas snacks

Ready to eat Puto Bumbong - Batangas snacks

There are at least two types of bibingka (rice cake) that I know. I would start with the more popular bibingka galapong (rice flour). The bibingka or rice cake blend is set on top of the banana leaves inside an open clay pot. Then hot coals are placed below and on top to bake it. Topped with red salted duck eggs, cheese, butter and grated coconut.

Bibingka Galapong Clay Pot Cooker - Batangas snacks

Delicious and creamy bibingka galapong - Batangas snacks

Next is the bibingka malagkit (glutinous). It is made of glutinous rice, coconut milk, coconut cream and sugar. The mixture is placed in a baking pan lined with banana leaves. Baked until the crust turns golden brown. The taste of bibingka malagkit is similar with the suman, another type of rice cake.

Here are other merienda or small meal you must try when you visit the province of Batangas.

Pinindot or ginataang bilo-bilo is a tepid dessert soup made of coconut milk and sweet rice balls. Usually stuffed with taro root, sweet potato, jackfruit and purple yum. It is a white colored soup, a little bit sweet and creamy. Served in cups or bowls.

Kalamay a sweet rice cake usually eaten as desert or as a snack. It is golden brown in color and made of glutinous rice, coconut, sugar and margarine. The delicacy is sweet, chewy and nutty in taste.

Sweet and chewy kalamay - Batangas snacks

Palitaw if translated in English means to surface or float up, but it is a kind of chow when cooked floats on the casserole. The sweet rice cake color is white, soft and sticky. Made of rice flour and rolled into grated coconut, sesame seeds and sugar.

Suman tamales is cooked steamed and made from powdered rice flour, coconut milk, ground peanuts, chicken, pork, and boiled eggs. It is wrapped in banana leaves in a rectangular form. The suman tamales has a strong sharp taste, spicy and a little bit salty.

Writing the different snacks made me hungry, and crave for some suman tamales and a cup of Batangas brewed coffee.

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