Sabangan Beach Resort

Sabangan Beach Resort can be found in the sandy coastline of Laiya in San Juan, Batangas. The beach indeed is comely. It has white sand although a bit pebbly but possess clear blue waters.

Laiya by the way is one of the favorite weekend beach destinations of most Metro Manila residents. Reasons behind are, its a short drive and acknowledge as one of cleanest beach.

For the adventurous and sport lovers, sea kayaking is at one's disposal at the resort. Paddling out in the clear waters of Laiya is a great way to commune with nature. Furthermore, burn those unwanted calories.

It is also a good spot to go snorkeling and diving. A marine sanctuary is just around the corner. Catch sight of fine coral cover and fish life, along with leathery and soft corals, sea cucumbers and a lot more to discover underneath the blue waters. Please be advised that resort guest should bring his or her own diving gear.

Anglers can bring their fishing gear and hire a banca and go fishing early in the morning. There are abundant fish to catch and the resort has grillers ready for your fresh catch.

Another positive aspect I discovered at Laiya is the moderate waves. Which makes it attractive for the kids to swim and to cool down with the gentle water temperature.

But please be reminded that there are portions where one can experience a sudden dip. So, parents kindly take a close look especially the little ones. It is advisable for the children not to swim beyond two meters from the shore.

Well, if the kids are new into swimming, Sabangan Beach Resort has a swimming pool with a kiddie pool. This is an option for parents to have more control and peace of mind during their break at the resort.

All cottages at the resort are equipped with room air-conditioning, private toilets and bath with heater and cooking stations. The kitchens are furnished with ref, stove, rice cooker, mineral water and essential kitchen utensils. Perfect for those who love to cook and prepare their own dishes.

A bit of advice for those who love to prepare their food, there is a nearby market near the resort. Just ask the resort staff and they will gladly show you or accompany to the nearby market. However, if you love freshly caught seafood, make sure to be up early in the beach to have your paid share.

On the other hand, if you are not in the mood to prepare for your dish, the resort has a restaurant and can arrange to prepare for your meal. The resto dishes up local foods like tapa, longganiza, chicken barbecue, inihaw na liempo, inihaw na tilapia, kalderetang baka and more tummy filling meals.

And after a filled lunch, the hammock under the tree is a perfect spot to have a siesta. The trees around the resort have such a cooling effect, making your vacation a quiet and relaxing experience.

In addition, resort guest can arrange for a massage therapist. The shiatsu massage is a must try at the resort. Moreover have your massage at the patio of your cottage. That's what you call a perfect way to relax and unwind.

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