Planet Dive Anilao

When someone mentions Planet Dive in Anilao, Batangas, it would only mean that you want great diving and snorkeling. Yes, the resort is definitely synonymous to diving and clearly a dive hangout.

The hideaway is established at the hillside of San Teodoro in the utmost string of resorts. Yup, you heard it right. Can be found at the end of a combination of pave to rough and tumble zigzag road. So be careful when driving to the holiday spot.

The roadway that leads to the resort is refreshing, filled with lots of trees, including wild flowers and flowering trees. Along the rustic road, you will be greeted with some seascape vistas.

Once you reach Planet Dive driveway, which drops off to the right of the road, you will head down towards the sea. And at the parking area you will be greeted by their friendly staff and carry your packs to the steep steps to your cabin.

However, if you are a foreign tourist, or you just want the services of a resort van, one can arrange to be picked up in the airport or anywhere in the island of Luzon and drive you all the way to the resort.

The holiday spot offers cottages from ventilated to air-conditioned rooms. Crash pads are nuzzled among shades of trees and with a panoramic view of the cove as well as the sea.

One thing great why divers love the resort, on the grounds that Twin Rocks, one of the most loved dive sites, is just across the shore.

Diving in the 31 dive spots around Anilao, one can be as close as to any tropical fish you can think of. There are a lot of soft and hard corals as well as sea fans, sponges and worms. In general there are plenty of interesting sea creatures and plants to discover.

Moreover divers need not worry. The resort diving facility has an air nitrox and trimix filling station with continuous blending and partial pressure blending. Together with diving equipment that are at hand for divers from compressors to scuba tanks, regulators, mask, fins, wetsuits, anything, name it, they have it.

The diving hangout also provides several courses from basic scuba diving to instructor level certifications. For new divers, this is the right place to go into diving. And start your NAUI Technical Diver Course.

Rooms are comfy and well maintained with its own toilet and bath. Moreover for those who cannot live without hot water, you need not worry, hot water is available.

Unfortunately, there are no televisions or movie players in the rooms. Well, who needs to watch TV where there are many creatures to explore underneath the blue water.

Food is inclusive and served buffet style. The restaurant dishes up local food like sinigang (sour stew), grilled fish and pork. Vegetables and fruits by the way are also served. Moreover, their kitchen staffs are friendly and open to any suggestions from their guests.

The resort however does not have a swimming pool or a good beach to swim on. The beach is pebbly and aqua shoes are recommended. And if you want to relax under the sun, the resort deck is the best spot.

Need to know more, or want to reserve a room this coming weekend! Please feel free to give them a call thru the contact numbers below.

Contact Details
(+632)4752067; (+63916)7043718

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