Philippines Visa

If you are a foreigner and want to see the charming province of Batangas, Philippines, all you need to do is to travel to Manila which is the nearest entry point to set eyes on the attractive province.

Well maybe your next question in mind is, how about the Philippine Visa?

First a visa means an authorization made on a travel document by the consular officer signifying that the visa request has been appropriately looked at and that the holder is allowed to proceed to the country of his/her destination.

Is it hard to get one?

Obtaining a tourist visa to the Philippines is uncomplicated. Especially if you are visiting the Philippines for a short period, a visa is not required. Holidaymakers from USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and most countries in the European communities does not require visas for travel to the Philippines that will not go beyond twenty-one days. On the other hand residents of other countries have to verify with the local consulate to see if a visa is needed.

A foreigner or a tourist must also have a valid ticket to show too immigration authorities assigned at every port of entry for their return trip, or to their next destination.

However, if you intend to have your vacation longer than twenty-one days, you must apply for a tourist visa for fifty-nine days before traveling to the Philippines. On the other hand, if you entered the country on an entry stamp and enjoyed your vacation, one can extend it for an additional thirty-eight days visa waiver at the Bureau of Immigration or at any immigration sub-office in the Philippines.

In case of minor under eighteen years of age, whom you intend to travel with you, should be represented by their parents or guardian. But will be obliged to show up in person with their parents or guardian for an interview.

In order for one to have a tourist visa, he/she must have a passport that is at least valid six months during your planned arrival date. Must fill out an application form, which is available in all Philippine embassies. You will also need a 2 X 2 passport size photograph with your signature at the back, and payment for the visa fee.

Aspirants for tourist visa must apply at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate that has authority over their location of residence. However, certain visa candidates may submit their applications at any Philippine Embassy or Consulate in his/her country of origin.

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