Mount Maculot

Mount Maculot is the top pick of most mountaineers to climb in Batangas. A popular hiking destination considering its entrenched footpath, fine vista and ample camping grounds. Furthermore, during weekends and on the summer months, a big number of hikers crash the mountain.

The peak is at 685+ meters and is a minor climb. It is generally safe especially for beginners and there are no permits required. The hike normally takes 2 hours or more to reach the summit. The mountain has an igloo-like shape.

Located in the town of Cuenca, and two hours drive from Manila. By bus, take a Lemery bound bus and get off at the town proper of Cuenca. Another option is to take a Lipa City destined bus and at Lipa City, get a jeepney ride to Cuenca town proper.

At the town proper, one can take a trike, or just walk to the jump off point at Barangay Siete. This is just a stone throw away from the municipal hall, where one can register for a very minimal hiker fee.

A few meters from the registration site, there is a mountaineer’s store. Before moving up the mountain, it would be a good idea to check out all your needs before proceeding with the hike. Check out if you have enough drinking water, and all essential needs during the hike. Although there is a small store in the campsite, prices are quite high and during lean months the store is closed.

In the course of the hike, there are two forks along the way. At the first fork it is advisable to take the left track. After a few meters you will encounter another fork, take the right route, which will lead you to the campsite. However, taking the left route will direct you to Taal Lake.

Woods protect most of the trails of Mount Maculot. However, during your hike at the latter part, you will encounter an open cogon field. The trek could be very hot and advisable to take a three in the afternoon hike, if you are camping for an overnight stay at the campsite.

At the campsite, get ready with cold winds. The temperature could drop at a low of 20’s or even lower. It is advisable to support your tent with complete pegs as the wind can get a strong as if there is a storm.

Furthermore, also at the campsite, you can get a good view of Taal Volcano and Taal Lake. Here you can also catch a glimpse of nearby towns of Batangas, Batangas Bay, Cavite and Mindoro.

Another do not miss spot of Mount Maculot is the “Rockies.” The main attraction of the mountain, located at the northern edge. It is a rocky hill split up from the shoulder by a deep narrow rocky valley. This is where you can get the best view of Taal Lake.

Although climbing the rock is quite risky and requires some rock climbing skills, the view you can see is a consolation for bouldering the rock

Most of the climber’s goal is to reach the summit. It is around an hour hike from the campsite. And an alternative route to the summit is taking the grotto trail. Unfortunately, the summit has a no view due to woodland growth and has a small camp space.

Climbing Mount Maculot is definitely a great experience. It is a new getaway from the demanding conditions of the city.

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