Mount Daguldol

Mount Daguldol is within the vicinity of the town of San Juan in Batangas. Normally it will take you around 3 hours to reach the jump off point Barrio Hugom by private vehicle.

The site has been a favorite trekking location of mountaineers. Although quite new to other hikers, it was discovered by the University of the Philippines Mountaineers in the 1990’s.

The trail is man made by the locals of San Juan, Batangas and was worked out to be trekking destination.

The local government of San Juan organized the Hugom Environmental Guides Association (HEGA) to take care of the place. All climbers are required to register and pay appropriate fees and take a guide. However, the fees and cost of guide are in reasonable rates. The administrative center is situated at the jeepney terminal in Barrio Hugom.

The pathway is in good form; there are some portions of the route, which are even cemented. This was thru the initiative of the local people, for foreign and local climbers to ascend the peak.

There are two options for the jump off point. One option is to hike through the beach of Hugom, which usually will take an extra hour. And the next option is to take a boat, and get you directly to the jump off point (will save one hour, but will miss some rock formation on the beach).

Mount Daguldol hike is considered an easy climb or a level one scale. Most of the trails you will encounter are forest path where trees give enough shade during your hike. There are only a few hard trails or slippery footpath especially when it rains.

A good view of the sea is noticeable at the early part of the trail, which is a nice place to have your picture taken (a seascape background).

Along the trail, there are resting shelters for hikers to have a few minutes break. A good thing for newbies who are not used for a long walk. There is even a resident in the area that sells refreshments along the way. One can have a fresh coconut drink to quench his/her thirst and some coconut meat, or a very refreshing cold halo-halo snack.

Three-Major Campsite of Mount Daguldol

The first campsite that the hikers will encounter is “Gulugod Baboy” (spine of a pig). It is a splendid peak covered with grass with benches and tables. A small campsite, which can accommodate five tents. The site has great view, especially for picture taking.

Campsite 2 is called “Niyogan” (coconut plantation). Of course this site has plenty of coconut trees and considered the biggest. The site also has a piped in water supply for your cooking and washing needs. The place is also covered with grass and the best recommended pitching area.

Campsite 3 is “Anahawan”. The golf course like campsite and the highest spot of Mt. Daguldol. Here you can catch a glimpse of the province of Mindoro and Marinduque.

Don’t forget to hike the nearby “Biliran ng Limatik”, which has a very good view of the surrounding mountains and nearby provinces. Mt. Maculot is visible from this spot, which is another trekking spot in Batangas. Here you can see different kinds of birds flying around and a good place for bird watching.

Descending Mount Daguldol don’t forget to drop by Naambon Waterfalls. The falls is well known for its brilliant 80 feet drop. A good place to rest and maybe have your lunch at the falls for a more relaxing time.

Back at jump off point and take time to plunge yourself to the clear waters of Hugom beach

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