Kabayan Beach Resort

Kabayan Beach Resort is a well-known spot among beach lovers along the white sand beaches of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. Based on the locals of Laiya it is the pioneer in the resort business, which started with only two small cottages.

Since it is a popular resort in Laiya, I advice you to make a reservation before driving to the resort. Especially during summer, the resort is fully booked during weekends. It is recommended that you make a reservation at least 3 months before your intended break. Anyhow, Mondays thru Thursdays are usually open for bookings.

Incidentally, if you are the type who does not like a crowded beach environment, it's better to book on a weekday. Of course, that's if you can make a way to have a free time during weekdays.

Again if you have chosen a weekend date available, the resort requires a fifty percent deposit for the reservation of the cottage. Reservations can be made at a bank, with the duplicate bank deposit slip to be emailed or faxed to their office. After which the resort will send you a confirmation letter. (This is a normal procedure on most resorts especially those without an online booking.)

To reach the resort you need at least three hours of driving from Manila. However, this will all depend on the traffic conditions, but if luck is not in your side this can take more time.

Guest can choose from a wide variety of air-conditioned cottages. All cottages are fitted with a private toilet and bathroom with heater. Furthermore, it has a living room with a porch and a kitchen.

Moreover, the kitchen is deck out with a refrigerator, 5 gallon purified water with dispenser, a stove and cooking utensils. This means a big yes for those who want to bring their own food. Well a griller is also at hand for those who love charcoal-broiled food.

Kabayan Beach Resort by the way has the biggest grounds among resorts around Laiya. The big trees gives shade to the scorching sun, which keeps you refreshed during a hot and humid day.

Activities that one can indulge in are beach volleyball, kayaking and snorkeling. For those who want more adventure in their holiday, why not rent a boat and go cove hopping. And if you are in to trekking, the resort can arrange for their guest a hike at Mount Daguldol.

The resort also has a swimming pool for adults and kids along with a furnished playground. A massage service is available with trained massage therapists to refresh your tired muscles.

For the religious mothers, the resort has a chapel, and an anticipated mass is scheduled every Saturday. Well, no excuse not to hear mass.

Kabayan Beach Resort also has a fast food where meals are affordable and tasty. A convenient store and souvenir shop where even medicines, swimwear and shirts are at one's disposal.

Well to show that there is no boring moment at the resort it has an aviary with colorful birds to observe. There is also a sanctuary for pawikans (Philippine sea turtles) and if you are lucky, you can witness the releasing of turtles back to their habitat.

Need more information? Kindly give them a ring or send them an email with the contact information below.

Contact Details

(+632)7090115; (+632)7091470; (+63917)6279357
email: kabayanbeachresort@yahoo.com

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