Batangas Fruits

Different fresh fruits are one of Batangas pride. With its enormous fertile land, the province boasts some of the finest fruits.

In this article, I would like to share selected fruits that you can find here in the beautiful province of Batangas. I will start with fruits, which you can find abundant during the summer season.

The first fruit I will highly recommend for you to try in your break here in Batangas is the mango. Although the fruit is available the whole year round, mango is ample and at its best during the summer season.

There are a least three types of mango that you can find here in Batangas that I know, and the kinalabaw or carabao variety as far I’m concerned is the best. The biggest carabao variety can weigh as big as 370 grams or even bigger. But the average size usually is at 250 grams. It is eaten raw, and taste sweet likewise juicy. I’m sure you will love it.

The pico variety however is small and is about over 125 grams in weight. But even though they are smaller in size, the taste and sweetness of the fruit is comparable with the bigger carabao variety. It is usually the kind used in making mango shakes. It also commands a lower price compared to the larger carabao variety.

Another type of mango and very popular in the highway along Tuy and Nasugbu is the indian variety. Although the mango is better consumed during its unripe state. The fruit is usually dipped in bagoong balayan (anchovy) and crispy when you take a bite on the fruit. You’ll be amazed that even the fruit is unripe; it has no trace of sour tang. Eating it ripe, you’ll find it a little fibrous compared to the carabao and pico varieties.

Next on my list of favorite fruits is the cantaloupe, or what is popularly known here in Batangas as the melon. The melon is also a seasonal fruit, and ample during the summers season.

A common way to prepare the fruit is by scraping the meat of the cantaloupe together with its orange juice in a large bowl and storing it inside the freezer to cool for at least one hour. Before serving the fruit, evaporated milk and sugar are added. A very refreshing dessert or snack especially during a hot sunny day.

Another simple way to eat the fruit is by cutting the round fruit into slices. The fruit must be ripe before serving to be sweet and juicier. The fruit usually gives a good aroma when fully ripe. Chill the sliced fruit inside the freezer or chiller for a least an hour before serving.

Third on my list is the buko (coconut), or what is usually called the buko juice. Coconut water is collected in a pitcher, while the coconut meat is scraped and mixed with the collected water in the pitcher. It is best served chilled with a spoon for the consumer to scoop the coconut meat.

A very delicious and healthy drink. There are claims that eating coconut meat and drinking the juice has a lot of health benefits, I would rather leave it to you to find the benefits of this magnificent fruit.

Subsequently in my list is the red watermelon, or commonly recognized here in Batangas as the pakwan. Although available all year round, it is plentiful during the summer months. Of course the fruit is cut into slices and stored in a chiller to cool before serving. Another thirst quenching fruit, which is perfect for hot day.

The next seasonal fruit and abundant during the summer season is the avocado. The most common variety in Batangas is the purple one. The best avocado fruit as far as I’m concerned are the ones with the figure of a wine bottle. The meat is dense, smooth and with a few large fibers.

A common way to prepare the fruit is by scraping the meat of the fruit. Then sugar is added to taste and finally evaporated milk is poured and mixed. The fruit is also an ideal flavor in ice creams, and shakes.

The town of Lobo in Batangas is where the best tasting atis or sugar apple comes from. Although eating the fruit could be a pain in the neck, because of the enormous seeds. But for me it is one of the best fruits in my list. The meat of the fruit is soft sugary pulp similar to the taste of sweet custard. If you have not tried the fruit, try it. I’m sure you will love it.

The town of Cuenca possesses lavish lanzones trees. The fruit is said to be popular in Southeast Asia and is seldom seen in the Western countries with a scientific name of Lansium domesticum. The fruit has a sweet to sub-acid taste with milky juice. A recommended fruit especially if the fruit is sweet. The fruit is said to have medicinal properties especially the seed, which taste bitter.

There are a lot of fruit that I’m sure you would love to eat and taste in your visit to the rich fertile land of Batangas. Fruits like chico, langka (jackfruit), sampalok (tamarind), camachille, sineguelas, duhat, santol and a lot more that can be found in the province of Batangas.

And remember that fruits and vegetables should be at least 25 per cent of your daily diet.

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