Diving Spots in Nasugbu Batangas

When it comes in finding a perfect diving spot, Nasugbu in Batangas is a place you should consider. Being just a couple of hours away from Metro Manila, it’s a suitable option for urban dwellers that want to engage in scuba diving or snorkeling. Aside from Anilao, it is an alternative site in Batangas for your underwater adventures.

Awash Reef The south area of Awash has an amazing quantity of hard and soft corals with enormous fan corals and coral heads all over the place. Avid divers are occupied for hours, by just exploring small reefs and all the coral heads that are spread around the rim of the site. Fishes of different dimensions, morays and frogfish are seen in the area.

Coral Garden The name is taken from a tight hug of a variety of corals scattered all over the sandy bottom. Divers realizes with its variety of corals, how appropriate it is named. The coral garden is one of the most well liked dive site here in Nasugbu. Lionfish, batfish and stingrays normally seen covered in sand are very common around the site. The spot depth is around 30 to 50 feet.

Fuego Point A lake shaped like an arc. Under the water you will see different collection of soft corals and sponges at 50 feet. In the south side, at 110 feet over the sand, angelfish, large groupers and remoras can be seen. Establishing popularity among divers is the north side of Fuego Point. Here walls and canyons are host to ever-changing submerged landscape, a large underground cave, with sleeping sharks are sighted in the north side of Fuego.

Crayfish Cave An outsized narrow opening to a cave, is a habitat to a large crowd of fish and crayfish. From time to time, sleeping sharks and manta rays have been spotted at the cave.

Fortune Island Is privately owned resort with three dive sites worth seeing.

Blue Hole The site is made up of three sinkholes, and frequently described an interesting underwater architecture. The three huge holes leads into an open topped underground cave. Usually seen around the spot are white tip reef sharks. Expect to find different kinds of fish like the angelfish, sweetlips, parrotfish, damselfish and big groupers. The dive site has good visibility with crystal clear water on a good day.

Wreck The wreck situated overlooking the beach 65 feet deep. This is the site where the rear part of the vessel, the Dutch freighter can be found. Not to far from the Dutch freighter, a submerged Volkswagen minibus can be seen. Lots of clownfish, damsel, and lionfish are present in the dive spot.

Fortune NW The diving site of Fortune NW is between Blue Holes and the Wreck. The place has marvelous coral formations, with valleys dropping to over 120 feet. Large fan corals, sponges, jacks and cuttlefish are found all over the area.

Pink Wall The site has a rocky bottom going in to a little cave. The divers will see a wall covered with enormous quantity of soft pink corals. There are a lot of fish from moorish idols, moray eels, filefish, crayfish, banded coral shrimps, and a lot more. Bright colors of pink, red and yellow make it a perfect night dive. The depth of Pink Wall is from 20 to 90 feet.

Hamilo Cove Wreck A Japanese freighter, which sunk in 1945 during the liberation of the Philippines can be seen here. Diving at Hamilo cove has a low visibility of 5 to 30 feet and depth could reach between 25 to 40 feet. Schools of batfish dwell here along with stonefish and lionfish.

These are some of the diving sites found in Nasugbu Batangas. Moreover there are a lot of resorts and hotels wherein you can find and spend the night. Making Nasugbu a perfect place to spend your vacation and one of the finest Philippine dive sites.

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