Carmel Church, When It Rained Rose Petals

When it rained rose petals ... A brief account of the apparitions of Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace in Lipa City, Batangas.

On 12 September 1948, Sunday, Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, about five in the afternoon, a Sister, who was taking a walk in the garden, suddenly remarked that a vine shook. As there was no wind at all, it attracted her attention. She approached and heard a woman’s gentle voice that said: Fear not, my child. Kiss the ground. Whatever I shall tell you to do, you must do. For fifteen consecutive days come to visit me here in this spot. Eat some grass, my child. The Sister did not see anyone, she only heard the voice.

Next day, Monday, at five o’clock, the Sister returned to the place. She knelt and recited the Hail Mary. She had reached the words “full of grace” when she remarked that the vine was moving and, lo and behold, she saw a Beautiful Lady with her hand clasped on her breast, a golden rosary hanging on her right hand. She was stooping slightly; her dress was pure white, simple, held at the waist by a narrow cloth belt. Her feet were bare and resting on clouds that were about two feet high from the ground. Her face, of indescribable beauty, was radiant. She was smiling. Be faithful to come here, be it rain or sunshine, she said to the Sister. Then the Sister asked her, “Beautiful Lady, who are you?” I am your Mother, my little one. And having said this she vanished.

On Tuesday at the same hour, the Sister went to the same spot. The Lady was already there waiting for her. Her arms were extended forward as if wishing to enfold her little one in a tender maternal embrace. I wish this place to be blessed tomorrow, she said. “At what time, my Mother?” asked the Sister. Any time your Mother Prioress wants. My child, I forbid you to forget the incidents of these fifteen days. Then blessing the Sister, she disappeared.

The blessing of the nook in the garden was set for three in the afternoon of the next day. Carmel’s Chaplain, His Excellency Bishop Alfredo Ma. Obviar, wearing the rochette and stole, entered the enclosure and the Community followed him to the spot. As the Community drew near, the Lady, visible only to the Sister, appeared with her arms extended as if to gather all in her maternal embrace. As soon as the Sister knelt before her, she said, My child, kiss the ground and eat a little grass. Take a piece of paper and pencil and write down what I shall tell you for the Community. The following is her message:

My daughters:

1. I ask of you to believe in me and to keep this deep secret among yourselves for the time being.

2. Love one another as true Sisters.

3. Come often to visit me. Make this a sacred place and respect it. Gather the petals, my children. I bless you all.

Then the Lady vanished and in the place of the apparition there were rose petals scattered. The Chaplain proceeded with the blessing of the place, after which he gave a short talk to the Community emphasizing the Lady’s message.

At five o’clock the same day, the Sister went to the same place and, as on the preceding days, the Apparition was waiting for her. I shall ask something from Carmel. I want a statue of mine to be placed here. Clean this part of your garden so it will be a real place of prayer. You need not tell me all your Sisters are asking, for I know them. Tell them that they must believe lest they lose grace. I shall always bless the Community, my child.

On September 16, when the Sister reached the spot, the Lady in her usual attitude told her the following: I want a statue of mine placed here. I want you to describe me to your Chaplain because I want it to be as you see me and as big as the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes that is in the cloister. Tell your Mother Prioress to have the rosary recited by the Community here every afternoon during these days. Extend my love to all my daughters. Tell them that I love my daughters in Lipa Carmel, that I shall always be with you all. Then blessing her little one, she departed.

The following days the Lady and the Sister met each other on the spot, and she spoke to her as a Mother to her little one. She gave her motherly advice telling her to be obedient, simple and humble; to tell the Community that simplicity and humility are the two virtues she loves much, so to love and practice them.

One day the Apparition asked from the Community an individual consecration of its members to herself according to the spirit of St. Grignon de Montfort.

On the last of the fifteen days, September 26, Sunday, the Lady repeated her counsels to her little ones: My child, you must love and obey your Mother Prioress. Tell your Sisters to love one another as true Sisters, to practice humility and simplicity, the virtues I love most. Tell them to love and obey their Superiors and not to forget the things I ask. I shall not ask bigger things from you as you expect because you are my little ones. Do not forget to consecrate yourselves to me on October 7. Be very good. I am MARY, MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACE. I shall always bless the Community morning and evening. Blessing the Sister she disappeared.

On September 30, rose petals were strewn in the cells of the monastery. On October 3, the shower fell on the staircase. Occasional showers within the cloister followed. On November 11, the petals fell outside and were seen by some visitors.

On November 12, Friday, after the Mass, the Sister was called to the place of the Apparition and there on the vine was Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace. Her hands joined on her breast in a attitude of prayer, she looked tenderly but sadly on her little one and on the Community that had followed. Then she said: People believe not my words. Pray, my child, pray much because of persecution. Pray for priests. What I ask here is exactly what I have asked Fatima. Tell this to the people. They don’t believe in me nor do they give what I ask. Tell the Sisters that I ask them to pray and help spread my devotion and to make penances for those who don’t believe. When people come to pray and ask for graces, let them ask directly from me and not through you. These things may now be revealed. This is my last apparition in this spot. Blessing her little one and the Community assembled in the sacred place, Mary, Mediatrix of All Grace vanished.

In January 1991, the petal shower began again for Teresing Castillo. Since then, the petal showers have continued, and Our Lady has begun to speak to Teresing and has given her messages. Moreover, she has also had showers – of whole roses!

Note: To preserve the original content of the Apparition of Mary, The Mediatrix of All Grace, the story below was copied from the original copy with the permission from the Sisters of Mount Carmel Church in Lipa City.

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