Batangas Racing Circuit

Batangas Racing Circuit or BRC is a spot to drop in if you are into motorsport or just a plain aficionado of the sport.

Located in Barrio Maligaya in the town of Rosario, and around two and half hours drive from Manila. Rosario town in Batangas is about 30 minutes drive from Lipa City and the last town you will pass by, before reaching the Laiya beaches.

Batangas was fortunate enough to be the chosen site of the Philippines biggest racetrack. The BRC construction was finished and launched in 1996. It is the second raceway in the Philippines.

The track was 2.9 kilometers long and 15 meters wide originally. However, the track has been modified and stretched 600 meters further, which makes the track more exciting with its long stretches and chicanes.

The racetrack was created, and the developers of the track made sure that the protection and safety of participating drivers, riders as well as the racing fans are well in placed. Racing amenities like paddock areas, lounges, media center, control tower and hospitality suites were built. And was granted a Grade 4 Circuit License by Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

Over the years, development continued with the construction of a drag strip complete with timing system and drag racing tower. Upon instruction from FIA, walls were constructed to make sure of the safety of the participants and spectators.

Another development at the Batangas Racing Circuit is the conversion of the verdant section outside the walls of the circuit into to a dirt track. A perfect spot for off road 4 X 4 competition.

Some race events hosted in BRC are Formula Toyota, National Touring Car Races and Asian Formula 3 Races in the automobile category. In the motorcycle category, a race event such as the Ducati Cup was held at BRC.

The popular automobile magazine C!, organized an open track affair at BRC. Invited at the open track day, the Audi Car Club of the Philippines, which was joined by other car clubs. The event was fun filled especially for car fanatics, which displayed Audis, BMWs and some brawny Japanese cars at the track.

Most car lovers and racing buffs around Manila do visit the track for weekend race events. It is also a racecourse to try out how far your Merc, Bimmer or Audi can go and handle the bends.

Or, if you have been keeping your Porsche and Ferrari inside your beautiful and spacious garage, I think it's time for you to know the limits of the beast you have been keeping.

BRC is also the favorite racetrack of riders to test their skills and limits of their Superbikes. It is also a venue for motorcycle racing here in the Philippines.

This makes the Batangas Racing Circuit an ideal place for all motoring related activities. A spot you should not miss if you are in too motorsport or just a racing fan.

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